Welcome to the Warframe Clans WikiaEdit

This wikia is for Warframe players to create clan pages, making recruitment easier and more efficient.


  1. Consider vandalizing any page on this wiki.
  2. Refrain from harassing other players in the forums, comments, or other features of this wiki.
  3. Anyone may add a page to the wiki, as long as it is related to Warframe/clan recruitment and it hasn't already been created.
  4. Anyone may blog or post in the forums. Remain respectful in both.
  5. Anyone may edit a page following the above guidelines.
  6. This is not meant to be a replacement for the existing Warframe Wiki. Do not add information irrelevant to clans or alliances.
  7. Do not steal clan or alliance emblems. Violation will result in you wasting 150 Platinum when attempting to upload it to Warframe. If the creator gives you permission, feel free to do so.

Latest activityEdit

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